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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  November 29, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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of lifer coming out, these men are well trained, well educated have certificates and have degrees, and with the realignment, coming full face, to the county, the 91,000 technical that were going through the department of corrections every year are now going through the county yalz and those men and women are required to have programs when they come out to support them from the county jails, and most of the counties in california, have not experienced the need to have these type of programs in place, like the state did. and with my experience at the anti-recidivism coalition, and the network and the alliance for change and the life support alliance and some of the other organizations that i have been working with, and i think that we need to get some of the people coming out with the experience and offer them to the county. and to help to set up the programs. and i think that it would be very, and it would be synergetic
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and there would be a win-win on all sides. if there is any questions? i'm open for that. >> i had a quick question of the structure of so my understanding is that the mack, or the men's advisory council has chapters within each of the california 33 prisons and you were elected as the chairman and there are decades to go with the mack. and did mack emerge out of the prisoners union? >> well, it fills a void, and the prisoner's union was effective for the first three years that i was in prison, and then, like i said, support waned and the bay area, and went in another direction and it was a volatile time and you had the street movements and you had the pathers and a lot of things going on and so the prisoners at that time, took a backseat because of the infighting over the prison union dues and other
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things that were happening. it fell apart and so we took that platform and we created this advocacy group inside and we petition the courts to be aallowed us to have elections and every i couldn'ter at every institution, the prisoners elect representatives and those representatives choose an executive council to chair the meetings and meet with the warden and negotiate the need and to community indicate the needs of the facility to the prisoners and i think that the communication was important. but the most important part was the inclusion of all of the stake holders because of the restorative justice model which i have always been a fan of. and you have to have everybody involved in the original harm included in the healing. and if you don't, if that one piece is missing, then you will have you, and you don't have a circle any more. and those men that are inside of the department of corrections, and one of the things missing in the restorative justice model is
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those men once they are behind the walls are not in the process any more. and so, as a reentry council, i think that we can bring the men who have offended the community, and together, with the community, and you have the very important programs and there are people that i heard a comment just the other day, two guards in front of the federal building, and one said, you know, before those guys got here, you should have seen this place. and he says, who? >> the patrol ee, he says that is not a patrol ee, but those are the lifer, those guys are being recognized by the community, and more programs like that where we can bring the community together with the people who ad mitd he hadly have offended the community. and harmed them, sometimes greatly. but there is a time whether we have to come back and those who have been harmed and those who did the harm, they need each other to heal and i think that it is important. >> i see. thank you. just return from the 50th an
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versecy of the black panther party inspired by the serve the people programs and also understanding to the other places that they occur inside prisons, but also, >> sure. >> the importance of the reentry council and insuring that the people get the help as they exit too. but, that is an amazing democratic structure of a prisoner's rights organization on the inside. but, thank you so much no your leadership. >> right, thank you too. >> and somebody said something about hope earlier. and the fact that i came out here today is because when i walked out of the gate i promised people inside that i was not going to forget them. and frankly, there are people in there i love. i love some of those people. and i am going to do wlafr i can, i am 60 years old, i left i was 18 years old, and i am 60 years old now, so i don't know if i have 18 years left on this side, but whatever i have left i am going to dedicate to krim gnat justi natural justice and g
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to get reforms. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon i supervisor mar and farrell, and so happy to be here and let me start off to say that i am really just impressed with the level of leaders that have come up to the mic and it is a testament to our city and what what with he have done, my name is jose bernal. like many first generation immigrant families, my family settled in the tender loin, that is where i grew up and although, half of my childhood was spent, going from couch to couch and floor to floor, i always tell the people that i grew up are privileged and when i say that, because my month thoer is the most living and i am if here she
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never gave up on me. even when i wore the orange jump suit, she is the reason that i am here. a big reason i am a survivor of violence, i went to the galel high school and i remember one day in my junior year, i went out to the store it was an open campus, and to make a long or what happened was i was wearing the wrong color at the wrong time i was brown, and i was targeted. and i left high school in a stretcher in an ambulance. you know, that is an experience that unfortunately some of our
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san francisco youth experience. and what -- and so, any ways, but to move forward, you know, growing up i did the best i could, to stay out of the trouble and i did the best that i could you know, to steer clear of all of the obstacles that i have had. and it was my goal and my passion early on to actually get into law enforcement. and actually hoped to one day be a police officer. i worked previously for the sheriff's department as a cadet. i made it to the napa valley, criminal justice training center where i received the police academy training. and one of the things that i learned in life was that we are human. and humans make mistakes. and we are all vulnerable. and we are all fallible and it was very hard for me at the moment when i made my mistake. and i had to experience a lot of things while incarcerated. i spent most of my time in
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isolation. you know, just giving up on life and not knowing why should i continue on? but something happened to me in there. something really deep happened to me. and i realized what it means to be human. and i realized that if i were to get a second chance at life, and if i were to be out in my community, i would have a deep, deep, moral obligation to my community and in particularly, to my neighborhood and my city. so, when i came out, one of the first things i did was i joined the council, subcommittee. and i am really passionate about that and when i came out, one of the biggest obstacles that i had and this was pretty fair chance ordinance was the employment. you know, i had to check the box and i had to explain to the people that i had a criminal record and that is why i had no the worked for the past, almost three years. you know, and you know, i have
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to shout out because i know that you were involved for the fair chance ordinance and it made the significant improvement and change in the criminal justice system. and after i whats released and i was out in the community, i made it a goal to work with in my neighborhood. i was fortunate enough to be given an opportunity with the non-profit hospitality house. i started off as a peer advocate there. and you know, really, enjoyed working with you know, the homeless population, and those that were experiencing poverty, and who had the similar experiences like myself. and i met a lot of people who were just in the community and while they were there. and i worked in the case management and i was a fierce advocate for housing, you know, employment, and civikr, engagement as well, currently i am the program manager at the
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hospitality house shelter program and i do take a lot of pride there and joy in being there and serving my community. one of the reasons that i want to serve on the reentry council is because i want to really address four issues that i think are very important when it comes to reentry services. and the first one and this is very important to me is that i think that it really is the reentry council who should lead and be tasked with insuring that it is not private tied and i think that it is unacceptable that a publicly traded forprofit company that earns an average ref thank yvenue of 1.6 billion reentry services i think that it is unacceptable for my city and for my neighborhood. reentry services need to maintain with the state and city. and they need to maintain with the non-profit service
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providers. another, big, big, thing that i like to task on is housing as someone who works in a homeless shelter. and i understand that a lot of people became homeless and experienced extreme poverty after they were incars rate and after they lost their job and after they lost their house and after they have been branded, as a felon. and you know, it is really difficult for them to reintegrate and to attain that house had gone. and the third thing, that i think is very important, is and i want to continue that conversation is civic engagement. and at least for me, one of the things that has helped me, coming out is being engaged and involved. and i was just and i just firned my patrol this year parole this year and i have not valued voting as much as i have you know, this year. so i'm very, you know, thankful for that. >> and i want to continue to
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educate those recently back in march, i closed out and i gave the closing speech at the justice in the tender loin, which was hosted by the reentry council. and in my speech, i certainly did promote not just the community policing in the tender loin, but also the importance of being civilically involved, and in voting for those of us who can vote, and even those of us who can't, to be involved in other ways. thank you. >> thank you, for the amazing story. as well as in your service on the w subcommittee. >> and yeah, thank you, from your mom's story and how she was so central, and then your different look at law enforcement. and i wish that we had more folks that saw it the way that you do. and it is great to have joe wilson here in the hospitality too, and so thank you. >> are there any other applicants that are here? this is very, very hard.
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and each of the seats has specific requirements. and we have a number of incumbents that are sitting. and i know that we have a memo from the city attorney on the different requirements. we have to open up for public comment in a moment. but, let me just say, really challenging for the two of us, that are here. let's open this up for public comment and i have a couple of cards and call them first, if anyone else would like to speak, you know, it helps us if you can fill out one of these blue cards that are up here at the front. steve good, from the charter school. and then, it you so much for being here mr. good. and also, mark gardener from five keys as well. >> hi, thank you. i'm steve good the director of five keys. and i don't envy this decision that you have to make, there are
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terrific candidates. and i personally know joseph and earnest and they are outstanding individuals, and i have worked with them both, and earnest was the speaker of the ceremony and my staff has worked with joseph for many times, but i am really here to speak on behalf of kim courtny. i hired here seven years ago to be the reentry coordinator to help to facilitate those in the housing and the substance abuse treatment programs and to provide other services upon reentry. there are many times when i reported to the board of directors, which includes the sheriff of san francisco and the sheriff's attorney, about reentry, placements and now i would often report about kim's reentry placements for those who were not incarcerated to the complunt and the house and programs and i would also report about the other combined reentry folks that worked in san francisco county jails, and it was a very common thing for kim, individually, to place more individuals in to residential treatment, than to housing, and
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than everybody else combined, and sometimes, honestly, i would report to the sheriff that those numbers were double. there are many times that i said to kim, one of the former students is in trouble and i have seen them in the tender loin, where kim is literally gone out into the community and started to look for that individual to get them back on track. and there are a number of times that i called up kim and said so and so is getting out of jail, tomorrow, they have no place to go. can you please assist them. and every single time, kim has not failed to let us down, and found a place for that person, she has amazing integrity and i hope that she can be reappointed. ? ethank you. >> next speaker. >> i am going to call a few more. >> listly lavetus and al manalo and joe wilson, and karen shane, stephanie gon sal ez and abigale hendric and jackie, and phoebie
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and it does not have to be in that record. >> nick gardener and i would like to concur that the speakers that have came up and spoke about their doo he sier and their passion and their intent of being on this council leaves me very confident that the representation is certainly there. and as far as the movement of the council is concerned, i feel very good about it. and again my neighboring is nick card ner and i am here to speak on behalf of kim courtny. and in my reason for doing that is that i have worked in this business for 28 years. and gardener's name is on the landscape of reentry in many different capacities. as a matter of fact abefore the reentry council was started here in san francisco, george came to me and asked some ideas of how to set this concept up, when i worked for the city of oakland. and to be the measure why of reentry, on the initiative and
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so, i have been doing this andvy worked with thousands of people in that capacity. of reentry work as colleagues, and above the different peer educators and both going to prison and the state based on the local basis, and i found that the difference in a person being effective in this business, and your passion, for the work with the population that you serve. and if you have that ability, then you will succeed in this business. and i found that kim courtny, distributes or demonstrates that capacity to have the passion for working for this population. and as steve good, alluded to, from the point of taking on a person as an or as a potential client to insuring that that person reach their connection on the outside, which is very, critical period. and 24 hours, post release, and then from that point insuring that that person continues. >> and that is what she brings
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to the table as well as what they brings to the reentry council, because she let's us now by the employees, just how we need to proceed more on a global policy level. >> thank you, so much. >> all right. >> thank you. >> so i believe that it is three minutes per person or it is two minutes, and at 90 seconds there is a soft buzzer and a hard buzzer at two minutes. >> my xhept today to acknowledge the embarrassment to say that i hope that the city with find counsel can find more ways to give offenders an opportunity for meaningful and engagement within the process.
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reentry is a life long process, and your experience is very different whether you are recently reentered, whether you reenter long ago, but sometimes comes up later in life. and it is also very different if you serve, five years in prison, at one time, compared to five separate one year sentences in and out of the county jail, and so, the point for women and men and they are under served and the population, with the criminal justice system and i think that it is very important that we have women with the diverse experiences on the council, and i will probably be turning out soon, it means that there will be one less women on the council, and in recognition of these diversity, for the women and actually the city and council developed a blueprint,
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and it is aavailable on the adult probation website and it speaks about the woman's pathways into the system. the prevailing issue, of trauma and posttraumatic stress, disorder which makes it more difficult to fully disengage from the criminal justice system and reenter into a meaningful productive life, and so, i just really want to hope that you guys will take those factors into consideration when you are making i don't you are appointments, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? >> hello, i am stephanie, and i am the domestic violence, out reach coordinator at the glide foundation, i am here to represent angela coleman who is the michelle obama of the tender loin, we are already, losing the real obama, we don't want to lose this one. i have worked with her for almost five years.
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i have seen me being formally incarcerated myself, i didn't have her to go to and so i reoffended plenty of times, being a woman of various places you will reophonefend, it is alt the connection and hope and faith, which angela brings, and i have watched her personally help the people fill out job applications and the people can't spell and they cannot read. and when they do come out of prison just because they look hard, they are really scared. scared because it is a whole another ball game, they have been in jail since the 80s, and we are in the 2016, and angela has the wand, you have some people that have the wand to do make-up, and some that do the hair, well angela has the compassion you think of reentry, and you think of recovery, and you think of angela and a lot of
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these people getting out of jail are being forced to live at 111 taylor, right around the corner from where they got arrested at. so, when you give to 111 taylor, you have glide up the street. and then you have angela, not only does she help the men but she helps the women and we need another women. you men are cool and all. but we need women to help women. that are coming out of being incarcerated and she is the best for the job. thank you. >> thank you, so much. >> next speaker? >> hi, my name is phoebe and i am a proud member of all of us or none. and the director of the state and the pa s and the woman's after care and supportive services at city college and a program that i founded 12 years ago. and i am also the interim
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director of drug and alcohol studies at the city college. and i already gave you my letter for earnest, who i am supporting but i am actually speaking right now to support angela coleman, and i think that it is important with the genocide going on against the black people in san francisco right now that we recognize the importance of having a black woman or black women on the reentry council, it is not rocket science, look at who is going. and i am not going to take up more time. but i just really, really feel that the reentry council needs to take into fact that our black population is three percent and 85 percent of the jail population and i know this because i am on the reenvisioning the jail committee. and i think speaking to the genocide we need to address not
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only you know, obviously, i am talking about racism, but you know there is a patriarch cal system in effect. so i support angela and earnest kirk wood. >> next speaker in >> and there are two more cards here too. >> nicky from glide, and kena from hospitality house. >> my name is carn shane and i have the wonderful privilege of staffing the reentry council of san francisco and i am not here to encourage, and i just know that you have a very, very hard job in front of you. every single person who has applied for this position has shown up to speak is totally and completely qualified, and i don't envy you. i just wanted to point out a couple of things while you are figuring out of this out. one in terms of angela coleman that she did just start on the
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council and played a fabulous role within it as two anyone here. but my memory, and actually you were here when the election actually happened. but, she was told at that time, that this would be at least a two year position, and i think that it would be unfair at this point to remove her from that position. i just want to remind you have that and the other thing is that the situation that we have with earnest kirk wood, who has termed out of his position. which is an unfortunate problem with that particular seat on the reentry council. that there is really a max number amount of time that someone can sit on that seat. which is not true about the other seats. and finally in terms of diversity, that you know, you only have 4 seats to play with
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here. and i know that that creates a problem. james lowden is native american and i noticed that you did not mention that in his statement, he had to leave but i did want to point that out. in that seat, just in case, that would influence you one way or the other. if you have any questions, given how difficult your situation is going to be, i am here and happy to answer them. >> >> miss shane, on the gender diversity, i see there are a number of them on from karen to sue so jane kim. to a number of others. but of the appoint ees what is the number of the appointed body and how many are women? >> so there are seven appointed of the board in they are all appointed people, and one is a major appoint ee who is not presently seated a person who has aged, young person, who has
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not been seated. and so taking that person out, who has and there there has been a position that angela actually took and was a transgender woman who had to leave. and so, gender wise, i bloo everybody that it is pretty even, there are six sitting people and there are, 1, 2, at least three women. >> miss lavitis and courtny. and colemman. >> three of the seven. >> tloo are only six seated and so it is hard to know what the 7th would be. >> thank you. ? enext speaker? >> good afternoon, my name is nicky, and i am a client advocate at glide walk in center. and i am here to support angela coleman, and i would like to start by saying that she is a remarkable woman who presents herself with a modest regard.
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because she is walked a long road. she has lead her road to recovery, led her to glide in the foundation where she has worked as a case manager and her story of how she turned her pain into power, by going to the recovery and sharing her experience with tfolks with poetry, and to allow to become the beacon of light, she was in the light that she was once familiar with. her time and work with incarcerated and formally incarcerated folks and their families allowed her to become a member of the reentry council. and as the recognition is that she is diligent in the efforts to advocate and show the support to the clients and the others who have been referred to her. i foo elthat miss coleman's presence is vital for the people that the council serves. and it makes room for someone who is not, and who is not only has the personally experienced the criminal justice system but
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has continued to be but has been seen to a voice for those who might feel silence or overwhelmed by the hurtles that one must face when incarcerated or becoming, or reentry, for the society. i am always in awe of miss coal man, because she forever exsudes her motherly vibe, and her compassion and empathy for those that she works with and for that i am beyond grateful to have met her. she is a wonderful woman and just on a personal, i continue to ask how to be like her every day. >> so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next weaker. >> joe wilson, i am proud to support jose bernal nomination, and under as a co-worker and a professional co-league and i
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think that the experience that we have shared in today just witnessing so much reflection on these journeys and stories. really is a proud moment, i think for the city. and this reentry council being a vehicle to harness those assets for the city. to develop and cultivate more assets in the community. and i think jose has clearly demonstrated himself to be an asset for our organization. and the community at large, and really, in his capacity as our emergency shelter program manager, and they are really focusing on not only on the physical well-being of the shelter residents but the emotional and the spiritual health as well. and engaging them in the community activities and the civic engagement. and the activities which has been very both fortunate and
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positive, and so much for the organization and the individuals. and i do want to under score his comment about privatization of our reentry services. we are using tax payer dollars to subsidize a for-profit corporation in the middle of the tender loin, geo care which their business model is blocking up black and brown people. we should not be doing that. and it is no place in our restorative justice model. and i am certainly proud of jose for pointing that out and i urge you as the legislative body, to take action on that as part of cultivating and nurturing and honoring our own restorative justice model here in san francisco. i don't envy you for your choice that you have to make today. but it is encouraging that we
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have this opportunity to nurture and to develop so many emerging leaders in our own community and figuring out some additional places for those individuals to further connect with and build community assets not only within the tender loin, but all of our communities across san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. and next speaker. mr. manila. >> we have amazing applicant and nigh name is allen and i am the development director of the hospitality house and i am also the co-chair of the stabilization fund and the guy who had to follow joe wilson. and i am here on behavior speaking in support of jose, and i could talk about how amazing
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this man is. and i could talk about how he came to hospitality house, and in 2014. and in 18 months, he is now the shelter manager, just a testament to huz leadership. and what i really want to talk about though is a fact, a fact that jose is an incredible salsa dancer. >> and i say that as a metaphor to the character of this man, first of all to be an incredible salsa danker, you need to understanding of rhythm, which jose has, he has organized the residents of the shelter program and he understand the rhythm of our community to be an incredible salsa dancer, you need grace and attention to detail and be able to maneuver the twists and turns that city hall, generally puts in front of you and jose has done that and he spoke as an advocate for affordable housing.
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and he has done many things to help the people of our community. also as a -- you need energy to be an incredible salsa dancer and something that jose shows the leaps and bounds with his leadership and finally you are looking at me and saying, well shths allen, technique does not make a great dancer, that is a quote from martha graham and i know that you are looking at me. and she also said that what makes an incredible dancer is passion and, that is something that there is no doubt that josechlt, has and i do urge you to please, please, consider jose. thank you. >> my name is abigali and i work as hospitality house and speaking as a peer and co-worker and i am here to talk on the
10:35 am
character of josechlt. i would worked in social sergs r services and it is with complete sincerity that i say that he is one of the most thoughtful and he is one of the most intentional and one of the most integrity leaders that i have worked with. he is one of the most integralleaders i have ever worked with, when i have had the challenges with staff and participants, and i have gone to him, he is one of the best listeners that i have talked to and he has that non-judge mental approach from his mom, i just learned. but i have checked myself, when i had to make the decision what his would jose say or do in terms of integrity and fairness and he is a role model for all of the hospitality house and he is a support and an honor to work with as a peer. he would be an asset to the council and i highly recommend
10:36 am
jose. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> hello, council, my name is kena hatcher and i am a program manager with hospitality house. and i am here to speak on behalf of jose. when i first met jose was in the interview. who he is and what i wanted to do in life and that passion is exactly, why he is here today. and he works with hospitality house. and i have to echo what what she said he is a strong man of integrity, and i had the pleasure of supervising him and watching him like kwiek litning and he is an amazing guy. and he has turned it around he
10:37 am
would do justice on this seat. thank you. >> next speaker? >> supervisors, jackie, and the executive director at hospitality house. i just really want to echo what a lot of the others have said about the real wealth of talent and passion and skill you have. in terms of filling these seats. and i just really impressed with everyone who has spoken and of course, i am here to lend my voice, as part of a team jose.
10:38 am
he has shown his leadership time and time again and that is indicated by the speed with which he has taken on more and more hospitality house. he is now in the shelter and he has brought a lot of creativity to do more programming in the shelter. he has brought restorative justice practices to the shelter. and he has been a consistent
10:39 am
house at hospitality house and in community. i do know if given this opportunity, jose would be an asset to the council as he has been to the house in the tender loin, and you do have a difficult decision to make. and i wish you luck in that. and i hope that you seriously consider, jose thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next speaker. anyone else? >> thank you. public comment is closed. bad day to fill in on the rules committee by the way. >> supervisor tang owes me for this one. >> a question for you, could we have who was the people that spoke? >> and what she is eligible for? could we go over that? sure. >> we have joseph for the seat number one. >> right. >> who is also, currently seated. and coleman in seat, two and
10:40 am
kirk wood, changing seats from one and four. >> we have changing from one and four. >> he was in seat number three, and he is now seeking a seat, one or four. >> i don't want to jump in before you have had a chance to make your comments.
10:41 am
for your commitment and everyone has their opinions and thoughts. and we usually limit the presentations to a while but the fact that the people are able to talk so long about the things that they want to do is a testament and to the people that came and spoke in public comment as well. this is brutal. i think i am going to first take a stab at the seat that i think that are the most clear and i will say for seat number two, as miss shane said, living up to the commitment that angela made when they appointed earlier this year, to allow her to fill out that term, and so eeat number t i would move angela, and the
10:42 am
michelle obama of the tender loin, who carries the wand of social justice and empowerment. for seat number four, reappointing kimberly, courtny for the amazing work with the five keys charter school and as the people described the hoi she turns people's lives around with amazing passion. so those are the ones that i think are uncome bants that have done incredible work. and i think for seat number one, it is between, jose and the seated income pant, joseph. and for seat number three, it is between, mr. loden and mutch, for seat three, i would move by mr. hutch's tremendous 40 year history, on the inside, and coming out with amazing
10:43 am
organizing abilities i would move mr. lowden for seat three, as miss shane mentioned factors that he did not mention in the presents. >> and moving angela and mr. lowden and missny for seats, 2, 3, 4. >> and then, for seat number one, go ahead. >> it is between mr. calderon and mr. bernal. >> you are on a roll i think that you should keep going, here. i guess then i will say that i think that mr. calderon has had tremendous service and the expertise that he brings has been incredible. but i think as a survivor of violence, from the high school example, but also growing up in the tl that jose talked about
10:44 am
and the various issues brought up by the people who spoke on his behalf, but i think that it is that tremendous potential not to rise as an salsa dancer, necessarily, but to really turn organizations around to be that amazing force on the inside that helps everyone in whatever he does. and the family story that you told on it is not just individuals but it is our families. that keeps us strong. so i would move, jose bernal. >> i am happy to support that, and i think that -- mr mr. calderon, i think you know, you have have done amazing work and i would be happy to support him in any other capacity that
10:45 am
we can do here and so, you know i look forward to that discussion going forward. but happy to support that motion. >> so motion is for seat number one, jose bernal. seat number two, angela coleman, and three, lowden and reappointing kimberly courtny, and do we need to do that as a -- so it is moved and seconded. >> could we do that without objection? >> thank you, supervisor farrell. >> and thank you, everyone. and mr. evans next item? >> item five is an ordinance, amending the administrative code to codify the balboa park station area, and establish the size and membership and set the terms and limits for the members and extend the sunset date for february 28, 2020. >> and we have beth from spurpt avalos's office.
10:46 am
>> just found this ring did anybody lose a ring? >> hi. supervisors. i am beth rubenstien and i represent super avalos on this ordinance. and the balboa park station area pac was formed about four years ago after the balboa park plan was done and it was the idea being that we needed the community advisory community to accept pardon the recommendations from the plan and it has been an important pac in our district and area to bring together the agency to work and look at this very complicated multi modal intersection of this park station, with muni and we have got the very busy intersection of san jose, and gene va and it actually goes to the city college, and the balboa park and
10:47 am
so they have actually had the representative on the reservoir tax and supervisor yee put forward. and it has been an important body. so we are reauthorizing it and it had two years sunset that was authorized for two years and it needs to be reauthorized again, and actually here is the proposal of the small amendments one is to actually have a maximum number of meetings during the year, and a maximum of six which sounds unusual, but the reason is that we are having, and we actually launched last night the first of many community meetings that will be happening in the district. for the next year or so. there is like up to, three or four meetings around the intersection, and there is going to be several meetings that are going to be around the design of the upper yard and the affordable housing site and we
10:48 am
are worried about the members and the see agency staff and so we feel like it is best to do the maximum of six and so like every other month to kind of schedule and because actually we believe that there probably will be about a meeting a month, given all of the other community meetings and so that is one, one fall amendment and then the other, is to make the sunset a two year sunset instead of a three year sunset. and so something naul, and we are hoping that you will send this as a committee report to the board of supervisors because supervisor avalos would like to participate in the seating of the next group of cast members. >> any questions? >> we also have mta here if you have any questions for them. >> we appreciate their staffing on this. it is kind of an unusual situation, but it has been really important to have been partners with mta and i think that they do want to say a few words. >> good afternoon, supervisor
10:49 am
sarah jones, planning director at mta and my staff this cac, and i just want to say we are looking forward to continuing this partnership and it has been terrific working with district eleven on this and so thank you. >> i would just say how important i would say the cac is given, i think that it is one of the, or the most heavily used at least, muni station and bart station but also the dangers around gene va and san jose and just the intersections and so having the community members involved is so critical. i believe, but very important committee and thank you for the amendments. let's open this up for public comment, is there anyone that
10:50 am
would like to speak? i see no one else in the audience, so public comment is closed. >> is there a motion? >> the motion to send forward. >> i second that. >> and as amended? >> yes, as amended. and so, movele amendments, and then move it as amended and then as a committee report, for the november, first 2016, board of supervisors meeting. >> make the motion. >> and i will second that. and we will do that without objection. >> we are done. >> mr. evanthat all. >> no more items. meeting adjourned. thank you, everyone.
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>> the city of san francisco sfgov tv meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority occurring tuesday, november 29, 2016 will begin shortly.
11:01 am
>> >> the city of san francisco
11:02 am
sfgov tv meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority meeting occurring tuesday, november 29, 2016 will begin shortly.
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>> please, standby. >>
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>> please, standby. >>
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>>[gavel] >> good morning and welcome to the monthly meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority i am scott weiner chairman of the authority. i want to thank sfgov tv for broadcasting this hearing. clerk please take roll call >> commissioner avalos,, present. breed, present. campos absent cohen, present. farrell absent kim absent mar, present. peskin absent tang absent weiner,, present. yee, present. we have a quorum >> thank you. go to item 2 >> item 2 chairs report this is an information item >> november election but mixed results for our transportation sector along with others in our region the transportation authority was delighted that measure rr 3.5 bond passed
11:27 am
handily in november with the sport of 81% of san francisco voters. this measure will ensure bart has the funds it needs to conduct pressing maintenance work systemwide particular the transbay tube. measure rr is important for safety and reliability and also hands capacity to train control upgrades and much needed maintenance facilities than one item not included in the spark bond was relating to recreation and park fleet expansion of 300 vehicles. these were included in local county measures including prop j in san francisco relating to transportation of homelessness funding. as you note the voters overwhelmingly supported prop j with 60% in 67% of the vote
11:28 am
which rejected prop k the measure that would fund prop j and without a funding source mayor lee exercises one-time prerogative to cancel prop j will now need to figure out another way to pay san francisco's contribution for bart cars. as well as other clinical local and regional transportation improvement from uni coltrane cyclist pedestrian street repaving. while contra costa measures also failed, we saw measures passed and many other counties and regions locally and nationally can including ctr., claire los angeles, seattle atlanta and southwark several other cities to carolinas and 100 in others npr reports of 77 transit measures on the ballot 71% with past five dollars voters accounted almost $170 billion in transit spending. this evolution of transportation funding is a long-term national trends and be in san francisco the bay area and california must keep up as the federal government continues to go in a bad direction on transportation funding. particularly, the state is in such dire straits
11:29 am
for example last week gov. brown announced it would be no transportation bill in a special session ending november 30. albany report infrastructure is high on the trump administration's priority list, details beyond tax breaks to incentivize private investment are scant. many are skeptical as this method of financing is hard to apply for the lions share of transportation investments across the nation. the good news is we're coming together as a city to address these new realities. how to join all of you and all of us, and mayor lee to reaffirm san francisco's commitment to being a sanctuary city. while there is uncertainty and other new administration will approach city like ours their strength in numbers with other like-minded communities and their strength of our convictions. that is why as challenging as this seems i am optimistic our city region are state we can all work together on new local tools and measures to help and so hope such a city
11:30 am
upcoming regional measure three, which told talks and to potential return to the ballot with a new local transportation measure in 2018. this will be a challenge but i'm glad that mayor lee's office is already asked our director tillie chang along with at risk and to assess the results and explore our options going back to the voters in 2018. colleagues, as you know this be my last meeting as your transportation authority chairman. i look forward to continuing to work with you in my new capacity in the state senator in sacramento. before i go i want to thank each of you for the collaborative work we been able to get done should i want to especially thank to the vice-chairman,-our committee chairs, as well as my npc colleague david campos and others worked with me on the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district. also to
11:31 am
commissioner yee pers chairmanship of vision zero committee and to all of our staff at transportation authority, transportation is been a focus for me over the last six years and it's been a real honor to work with rta staffed with our mta, planning department with all of her regional departments, regional partners and with all of you colleagues. i also want to give a special thanks to my staff under power jeff-adam taylor, earlier this year in the crime and, and going back to my first year in office julian gillette before she went to work for the mayor. it's been a real honor to work with these amazing group of people and colleagues to move transportation forwarded over the last two years, we been able to publish quite a bit. we provided funding for neighborhood transportation improvements across san francisco. we have
11:32 am
advanced regional priorities such as caltrain electrification in downtown extension. we have provided-we funded or made the largest investment ever in uni's light rail fleet as well as replacing uni's entire bus fleet. we've completed doyle drive and the ybi ramp. we've moved vision zero forward along with van ness and geary bus rapid transit could we are planning for next generation of rail and subways locally and san francisco and around the bay area. we have been work [inaudible] san bay area for a scenario and much more. so thank you again for the honor of allowing me to serve as chairman of the transportation authority for the last two years. colleagues, as i'll be resigning from transportation authority and the board of supervisors on monday, at noon when sworn in to the state senate i like to
11:33 am
propose that you finish the year under the leadership of our vice-chairman commissioner eric mar and then in january the full-bodied with elect a new chairman for the coming year so that would be my recommendation upon my departure. that concludes my remarks. thank you colleagues. so are there any comments or is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> this is information item. item number three >> item 3 executive directors report this is information items >> director chang >> congratulations again to the state center very pleased to continue working with you and appreciate the opportunity to work with all parts returning board members as well. congratulations to commissioner peskin breed and lease on your reelection to the board as wells looking for to working with the newly appointed and elected members from district 1, eight, nine and 11 in the new year. as a chairman mentioned, we saw the results of the election and we
11:34 am
do endeavor to work and bring you our best advice good at risk in and i and our colleagues along with various stakeholders and what we learned and what we can learn from the election and the voters message back regarding [inaudible] and related measures it is important for us to act in a decisively in a timely way in the new year given that we want to be ready for 2017 and 2018 milestones in order to join with other partners in the region and enact overly new revenue transportation investments iin the coming years. in our countywide transportation plan, update will be early in the new york and i will hopefully plan to include a revenue paper which will also inform those options. turning to local updates, i want to present update on districts two, five, and nine. final reports in
11:35 am
those districts for the neighborhood transportation improvement program. we have a presentation on district 10 projects for cesar chavez potrero there are area for the finance committee and working to move those four. in the coming months. we also a really great community outreach in district 2 for the lombard street study with commissioner farrell and mta and other partners. our district 9 work was also moving forward and allegheny and we also have district five community-based transportation planning coming to you in the new year. our child transportation study commissioned by commissioner tang we come into the board presentation on plans and programs in december and we've also had a public study gone to the mta board and will be bringing up to the board of supervisors as well as this body in the new year. project delivery the caltrain electrification project is nearing its full funding grant
11:36 am
agreement. we are hopeful that we secured by the end of the year. there's about $650 million from federal capacity funds anticipated for that project. over the past several months we have been working hard collaboratively with the regional partners to ensure that is secured. in terms of our neighborhood safety will program, i want to just congratulate sf mta on implement in some important safety measures near the cesar chavez elementary school. speed homes were incremented and road striking on chartwell to slowdowns traffic around caesar salad. also, nearby the tenderloin community on the [inaudible] wheezing sf mta along with public works in public utilities commission complete it but old near the turk hide intersection with large in front. congratulations to bridge and putting those are prop k sales tax and funds to good use. on
11:37 am
yerba buena island worker. for this the point opening. this will follow on the touchdown of the bay bridge bicycle and pedestrian path that we saw in october. it will be really nice gathering area and-with warfel said of services including rest areas, benches, and bathroom and watering facilities. that is going to be a really nice opportunity to so they again in the new year. on the management and administration front, our agency was leased to obtain another double a+ rating from fitch could our sales tax revenue bonds. this is something we don't currently have bonds but if we do try to access the bond markets in the coming years this will be helpful. we been able to maintain our favorable rating based on robust coverage of our sales tax and also a very steady strong sales tax revenue
11:38 am
growth trend that is outpaced national gdp trends over the past 10 years. so thank you to pitch for that rating. finally, a note of farewell and thanks again to our chairman best wishes in sacramento. we had the transportation authority on behalf of the staff would like to express our sincere thanks to you chairman weiner for your service on a transportation authority router eight years as chairman of the last two. is he the last six years as chairman for the last two. we wish you all the best and if you join the state senate we are grateful to you for your excellent staff for your guidance and hard work and leadership. both on transportation related when using other issue. both locally here as wells regionally including at the mtc. we are particularly grateful for your advocacy transit core capacity issues that really enabled a deeper and more substantive work to address those issues as of the last be steady work committed to seeing that
11:39 am
through in the next plan bay area. your leadership was also important and much appreciated on late-night transportation to address those needs for the late night and early morning workers and visitors to our city. thank you for your work on affordability, on fares, working with mta, working with sf state and students on affordability issue to an affordable housing of course. as well as our long-range rail and transportation plans. i want to thank you for your outstanding leadership in the tickling on rating funds for transportation weather was the advocacy we did at the national level for new transportation federal bill last year with colleagues around the region weather was developed of the bart bond or passing the sales tax thank you very much for you and your study were grateful for the commitment and effort and look forward to collaborating with you in your new position in settlement best wishes from all us at the sfmta. thank you. >> thank you ms. trinkle you
11:40 am
appreciate it. commissioner mar >> i just want to say that i should've mentioned after your remarks mr. chairman, that i want to thank you for the amazing work you've done and the laser focus on transportation improving transportation not just in our city the long-range view and then even from the views of people from the mpc and the association of bay area governments i think the anticipation you will be a strong champion for transportation not just for our city but the whole region and the state. i'm looking forward to your leadership at a level. he was thank you commissioner. >> thank you committed any public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> this is an information item. item number four >> item 4, approval the minutes of the october 25, 2016 the and action items. colleagues, any questions or comments were changes to the minutes? seeing none, any public comment on item for? seeing none, public comment is closed.
11:41 am
>>[gavel] >> item number five >> i apologize let's call that warned that >> commissioner avalos aye breed aye campos absent cohen aye farrell absent kim absent mar aye peskin absent tang aye weiner aye yee aye. the minutes are approved. >> item number five. >> item 5, except the audit report for the fiscal year ended june 30 26. this is an action item. >> colleagues any questions or comments bequest seeing none, any public comment on item 5? seeing none, my apologize commissioner yee >> just a real quick comment. congratulations to the team for having bequest this is not have
11:42 am
and to organizations and it's nice to see that it was basically everything was clear and clean and keep up with the good work. >> okay. did i close public comment already? >> not yet >> any public comment on item 5 seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues can we take item 5 same house, same call? without objection that will be dewatered >>[gavel] >> item number six >> item number six allocate $3,149,000 per prop k funds and appropriate 100,000 and prop k funds subject to the cash flow distribution schedules and commit to allocate $325,000 and prop k funds. action item >> commissioner yee was that from before? >> commissioner yee >> i'm just curious there's a lot of items for the plan here
11:43 am
and i need to see a timeline of any of this but i don't know if generally when we do allocations we would consider how long is this going to take. is it in here somewhere? i did not notice it. >> to the jury commissioner yee the schedules are usually in the proposition k allocation form. there is an a to elaborate. >> so you don't have a general list? with a look through individually? >> supervisor, commissioner yee through the chair, the overall schedule for the entire group of traffic calming measures shows implementation to be complete by december of 2019. however there are 11 or more plans that are being implanted with this funding request that are in various different states of planning,
11:44 am
design, or going into constructing what we can do is find out specifically what the schedule is for the traffic calming area wide plan and get up to your office. i believe the schedule by plan is broken down in these materials. it's the overall schedule for the project we will get back to your office >> yes. that would be really useful could my constituents are always asking when that's going to happen. thank you. >> okay. seeing no other questions any public comment on items six? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> colleagues can we take that item 6 same house, same call? without objection that will be dewatered >>[gavel] >> item number seven >> item number seven introduction of new items >> colleagues, any introduction today? seeing none, any public comment on items seven? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> this is an information item. item number eight >> item 8, general public
11:45 am
comment >> please come four >> thank you good morning. the good way for national management [inaudible]answer will just get our peoples destiny our peoples wisdom are people's passion national leaders should apply the public way of peace and harmony to fight for the well-being of all people. [inaudible] having good cultivation of virtues. [inaudible] array teaching to educate people to build the integrity of the holy way and in our society. that is not just the outright destiny but one cell. those are the all right [inaudible] for our people. for the promotion of mercy [inaudible] close to the people and to renew the people with improved accomplishments of holy birches. one is also
11:46 am
responsible for the promotion of true principles strict disciplines [inaudible] when will lead us out of also to follow laws of good discipline as good citizens of the nation. thank you >> any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> item number nine >> item 9, adjournment >> we are adjourned. thank you. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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11:48 am
>> self-planning works to
11:49 am
preserve and enhance the city what kind hispanic the environment in a variety of ways overhead plans to fwied other departments to open space and land use an urban design and a variety of other matters related to the physical urban environment planning projects include implementing code change or designing plaza or parks projects can be broad as proipd on overhead neighborhood planning effort typically include public involvement depending on the subject a new lot or effect or be active in the final process lots of people are troubled by they're moving loss of they're
11:50 am
of what we preserve to be they're moving mid block or rear yard open space. >> one way to be involved attend a meeting to go it gives us and the neighbors to learn and participate dribble in future improvements meetings often take the form of open houses or focus groups or other stinks that allows you or your neighbors to provide feedback and ask questions the best way to insure you'll be alerted the community meetings sign up for the notification on the website by signing up using you'll receive the notifications of existing request the specific neighborhood or project type if you're language is a disability accomodation please call us 72 hours before the event over the
11:51 am
events staff will receive the input and publish the results on the website the notifications bans feedback from the public for example, the feedback you provide may change how a street corridors looks at or the web policy the get started in planning for our neighborhood or learner more mr. the upcoming visit the plans and programs package of our we are talking about with our feedback and participation that is important to us not everyone takes this so be proud of taking ann a i didn't o- >> sound familiar do you keep on getting up there's an easier way. >> of course there's easier way get rid of of
11:52 am
mosquito they breed whatever this is water no water no mosquito mosquito feed on good blood the eggs hatch and stay near the waters san francisco to breathe and the adult underlying mosquito waits on the as many until it's sexuality hardens water pools in any areas and creates places you'll not normally think of budget and any container that holds water and hidden in bushes or else were dump the water and do it over soil not into a drain the larva can continue growing in the pooled water is sewage disthe first of its kind the area if the sewage is two extreme have a
11:53 am
licensed plumber assist water pools in rain gutters and snaking and cleaning out the water when keep the water from pooling and keep in mind that mosquito breed in other waters like catch balgsz and construction barriers interest crawl spaces with clmg is an issue you may have is week to cause the water to collect this is an sour of mosquito so for buildings just fix the clean air act drains and catch basins can be mosquito ground it will eliminate it as a possible location keep shrubbery and growths estimated any water to can be seen and eliminated birdbath and fountains and uncovered hot tubs mosquito breed but it is difficult to dump the water out of a hot top
11:54 am
can't dump the water adding mosquito finish rids the source of mosquito there are also traditionally methods to protect you installing screens on windows and doors and using a mosquito net and politically aau planet take the time to do the things we've mentioned to eliminate standing water and make sure that mosquito are not a problem on your property remember no water no mosquito
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